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Isn’t all this planning time consuming?

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It is important to first note that planning is needed and done in any type of economy. The difference is that planning is inclusive in a participatory economy, not done only by government or corporate elites.

Planning would only take place over a few weeks at the end of every year. For workplaces, this would be part of one’s job, not take up any of one’s leisure time.

Personal consumption planning is not expected to be any more time consuming than currently filling out tax returns (tax returns would not be required in a participatory economy). 

During the year citizens can also attend voluntary meetings of their neighbourhood consumer council to make decisions around local public goods. Each council can arrange a meeting schedule that fits their community’s needs, for example meeting once a month.

It is likely that people in a participatory economy will choose to work fewer hours than in today’s economy and therefore have more leisure time overall. While planning will require some time, the benefits of an economy based on cooperation and solidarity would far outweigh any costs.